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Grateful PR is looking for a talented and creative Video Editor to join our team. As a Video Editor, you will play a key role in creating compelling video content for our clients to be shared on social media platforms. You must have experience working with Descript and possess the ability to work collaboratively with the team to bring ideas to life. This position offers an exciting opportunity to showcase your video editing skills and contribute to our clients’ digital presence.



  • Video Editing: Utilize Descript and other video editing software to edit and produce high-quality videos for social media platforms, adhering to project specifications and client requirements.

  • Collaborative Workflow: Work closely with the creative team, content creators, and clients to understand project objectives and effectively translate ideas into visually engaging videos.

  • Content Creation: Create video content for social media platforms, including promotional videos, client testimonials, product showcases, event highlights, and more. Ensure content is tailored to each platform and optimized for maximum impact.

  • Visual Storytelling: Develop a deep understanding of our clients’ brand identity and target audience to create videos that effectively convey their message, evoke emotions, and tell engaging stories.

  • Post-Production: Enhance videos with effects, transitions, graphics, and animations to elevate the overall visual appeal and maintain a consistent and professional look and feel.

  • Asset Management: Organize and maintain a library of video assets, including raw footage, graphics, music, and other resources, for efficient access and future use.

  • Quality Control: Review videos for technical accuracy, visual consistency, and overall quality. Make necessary adjustments and revisions to ensure the final deliverables meet or exceed client expectations.

  • Timely Delivery: Manage multiple video editing projects simultaneously, ensuring timely completion within designated deadlines while maintaining the highest level of quality.



  • Previous experience as a Video Editor or similar role, with a strong portfolio showcasing your video editing skills and creativity.

  • Proficiency in using Descript or similar video editing software to create polished and engaging videos.

  • Strong understanding of video editing techniques, visual storytelling, and best practices for social media platforms.

  • Knowledge of video formats, codecs, and export settings for different platforms (e.g., Instagram, YouTube, Facebook).

  • Familiarity with motion graphics, typography, and color grading to enhance video visuals.

  • Ability to work collaboratively in a fast-paced environment, effectively communicating and incorporating feedback from team members and clients.

  • Attention to detail, with excellent organization and time management skills to meet project deadlines.

  • Creative thinking and problem-solving abilities to overcome challenges and find innovative solutions.

  • Proficient in file management, organizing assets, and maintaining an organized video library.

  • Knowledge of copyright and licensing regulations related to music, images, and other multimedia assets used in video editing.

  • Familiarity with PR and marketing industries is a plus.

Join our team as a Video Editor at Grateful PR and contribute to the creation of captivating video content for our clients’ social media platforms. We offer a collaborative and dynamic work environment, opportunities for professional growth, and the chance to showcase your creativity and expertise.

To apply, please submit your resume, cover letter, and a portfolio or reel demonstrating your video editing skills and previous work samples.

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